Rob's Topps Run - an impossible journey?

About Me

I'm a collector making an attempt at a Topps run of base sets.  I collect as a hobby, not a business.  While I do sell cards from time to time, it's simply to fund my hobby.  I greatly enjoy the interactions that come from trading cards as I learn more and more about the hobby and the sport that I love every day.

While my main focus is on Topps, I do collect vintage Bowman as well.  The competition back and forth between the two companies in the early 1950's is a story that I find very intriguing.

I have made some really good progress, but 1952 Topps is still are hovering over me.  High numbers and stars are pretty much all that's left for all other sets.  Outside of 52 Topps I just have to complete set 1963.  I'm always upgrading and looking for sharp corners to cards that I already have.  I recently expanded to less mainstream sets like Leaf, Hires, Red Heart, etc.